The rainforest is home to an incredible variety of fungi.  The moisture combined with the ever replenished biomass as food-source ensures a healthy fungus network, often stretching for miles across huge stretches of land. 

NOTE: The bioluminescent fungi photographed here are not lit by any artificial light source, but are taken in the darkness of the jungle, with extremely long exposures, showing the internally generated light of the fungus itself.  (photo info: Nikon D810, Nikkor 24-70, f/2.8, 10″, iso 10,000)

Become part of the 'Butterfly Effect'

Why Pierella? What is a Pierella?

The Pierella is a butterfly native to Costa Rica – Pierella hevina.
This small creature is behind the theory of the ‘Butterfly Effect’
that states small efforts can result in far reaching outcomes.

Restoring rainforest results in these ‘Butterfly Effects’:
Biodiversity; carbon capture; ecosystem services;
sustainability; and wildlife corridors.