Policies & Governance

PRFRP works hard as a volunteer non-profit, to be as open, inclusive and transparent as we can be.  We’ve included here our Mission, Vision and many other expressions of our goals and governance. The longer documents have links to individual pages.  We welcome feedback and comments on anything that we have provided here.

Our Vision

Once deforested land, transformed into healthy rainforest in perpetuity, ensuring biodiversity, wildlife habitats and educational opportunities for this and future generations.

Our Mission

Create the ‘Butterfly Effect’ by restoring rainforest in Costa Rica lost to development. Support environmental research and education.

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Mother Nature can survive without humans, but we cannot survive without her.

We are building PRFRP, an NGO [501(c)3], on four pillars: biodiversity, ecosystem services, sustainability and wildlife corridors which also embraces social responsibility. The funds raised will be used to acquire land to return deforested land back to the rainforest, and support the groups dedicated to delivering that goal and education about the rainforest and reforestation process. Our vision is to acquire pastureland to convert to secondary growth rainforests while being socially responsible.

Diversity Statement

As biodiversity fuels Mother Nature, diversity and inclusivity fuels PRFRP. Our vision is based on respect and thinking out of the box. As in the natural world, every person, with no boundaries, has a seat at our table with something to offer as we move forward. Come join us.

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