As biodiversity fuels Mother Nature, diversity and inclusivity fuels PRFRP. Our vision is based on respect
and thinking out of the box. As in the natural world, every person, with no boundaries,
has a seat at our table with something to offer as we move forward. Come join us.



We are a 100% volunteer organization, and as a small organization, each volunteer has a big impact.  We were started during Covid, so we are built as a virtual team, and have team members working from across the country.  Balancing our work between our virtual coordination and work onsite in Costa Rica, our volunteers are encouraged to bring their passion for our environmental work to help us make a better planet.  Come join us and become part of the  ‘Butterfly Effect.’

Some Key Team Members

Tori Griffin - Carbon Capture Field Lead

Tori Griffin is a masters student at the University of Michigan where she studies Environmental Science, with a focus on Behavior, Education, and Communication; Conservation Ecology; and Sustainable Systems. She previously attended Wayne State University where she received a BA in Communication Studies and a BS in Business Administration, with a focus on Marketing. Tori works for the American Society of Adaptation Professionals as their Co-Chair in their Mentorship Program, as well as acts on the Student Government for the UMICH School for Environmental Science and Sustainability. Tori started working with PRFPR in May of 2020, and has been with us ever since. Here is what she has to say about her ongoing research and projects: 
“With the Pierella Rainforest Reclamation Project, I lead research on carbon storage and sequestration in secondary rainforests. We started this research in January 2021, where we established 4 plots within Pierella Ecological Garden. These plots are representative of the different ecosystems in Pierella, including dense, diverse secondary rainforest and cacao production area. We chose to follow INISEFOR’s Protocol for the Establishment and Measurement of Permanent Sampling Plots in Natural Forests for this research. In each plot, we tagged and collected data for each tree above 10cm in diameter. We will then go back in January of 2022 to collect the second round of data, with the ultimate goal of calculating the sequestration rate of trees within these plots. 
I have also constructed a survey measuring stakeholder opinions on a potential carbon offset program for the organization. We are considering a future in selling carbon offsets following the purchase of pastureland. This ongoing survey will help us decide if customers and shareholders would be in support of such a program. 
I have absolutely loved working with PRFRP as we have grown. Indeed, I have grown alongside the company and hope to continue refining and achieving our long term goals as we get bigger as a non-profit. ” 

Sarah Collins – K-12 Education Lead

Sarah is a Master’s student who studies the intersection of climate adaptation and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the University of Michigan, School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS). They hold a Bachelor of Arts in Early Care and Education from the University of Washington. Sarah believes that the field of education is uniquely positioned to lead the transformational change towards a sustainable future. In addition to their studies, Sarah is a leading author of a chapter on the status of education for sustainability in the United States in the forthcoming edited book volume, World Review: Environmental and Sustainability Education in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals and a community member dedicated to supporting the dismantling of white supremacy. They also worked with an interagency team to develop the professional development curriculum for the Department of Children, Youth, and Family in Washington State to support recent legislation, Senate Bill 5151, establishing licensing requirements for outdoor preschool programs. They live in Michigan with their family, where they currently are building a small jungle of houseplants in their home. 

Emily Ramirez - Social Media Lead

A lifelong champion for environmental awareness and climate justice, Emily works in communications in the scientific communities, working to bridge the gap between the public and environmental issues. Growing up in Puerto Rico fueled her love for the environment and animals. She has worked professionally in social media for 3 years, helping grow environmentally based social pages. Emily holds Bachelors degree in Biology and Environmental Science from Lafayette College, which allows her to understand the scientific importance of preserving natural habitats while sharing the beauty of Pierella with the public.






Become part of the 'Butterfly Effect'