Education Programs

Explore, Learn, Act

Education with PRFRP engages learners from early childhood through adulthood partnering with Pierella Ecological Gardens and other groups both in the US and Costa Rica to bring the magic of tropical rainforests and their vital role in global environmental health to life. This partnership brings with it the opportunity to share culture, language, and connection to learners from all over the world. Our education projects use an Explore, Learn, Act model, to engage learners across multiple learning domains from a student-centered perspective. Explore a topic such as Lifecycles of butterflies, Engineering in the animal kingdom, or Chocolate making with sustainably grown, sun dried cacao. Then take a deep dive into the topic to learn more. Finally, take action and put this new knowledge to use in your local setting. PRFRP believes that learning requires engaged participation. Our planned outcomes support a central value of taking care of our home, this wondrous planet Earth, and education at Pierella helps develop pro-environmental change agents.

The following education projects are being developed and will be available this coming Fall:

  • Themed Curriculum Packages: These packages focus on a single topic using the Engage, Learn, Act model and include a live virtual session with our partners at Pierella Ecological Gardens. These packages are focused on K-6 learners.
  • Stand-alone activities using virtual field trips at Pierella Ecological Gardens and videos on YouTube. Great for all levels wanting to learn more about animals and plants in the tropical rainforest.
  • Language Immersion: Spanish classes can pick from a handful of topics and join Crystal and William at Pierella Ecological Gardens for a Spanish immersion lesson. 
  • Higher Education partnerships: We’re partnering with higher education institutions to develop deeper learning about carbon capture, afforestation and reforestation, bioenergy, and more. 
  • Plant and Animal Identification: Catering to hobbyist birders and nature lovers, learn what natural wonders can be found in the rainforest in Costa Rica.  See our Species Pages here.

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