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The Pierella Rainforest Reclamation Project was created by an environmental scientist.  Our mission is to effect change and help restore land, doing what we can for the environment, but we also believe that this work can also deliver other equally important benefits.  We will study the work that we do to advance the science of this discipline, and we want to help develop the next generation of scientists who will continue this work.  If we are to have any hope of bringing the planet back from the peril we’ve put it in, it will take knowledge greater than we have today, put to good effect by future generations.  

We have assembled a number of ecologically minded educator-scientists to lead this important focus of our work.  

Become part of the 'Butterfly Effect'

Why Pierella? What is a Pierella?

The Pierella is a butterfly native to Costa Rica – Pierella hevina.
This small creature is behind the theory of the ‘Butterfly Effect’
that states small efforts can result in far reaching outcomes.

Restoring rainforest results in these ‘Butterfly Effects’:
Biodiversity; carbon capture; ecosystem services;
sustainability; and wildlife corridors.