Costa Rica

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica, located in the heart of Central America, is a small country, known for its amazing rainforests and exotic birds and animals.  However, since WWII, it has lost 80% of that unique rainforest.  In the past couple of decades, the Costa Rican government realized the importance of that natural resource, and has become a world leader in conservation and reforestation.  The Pierella Rainforest Reclamation Project is taking advantage of the stable government support for work like ours.
  • Costa Rica has the highest Biodiversity on the planet.
  • It comprises 0.03% of the land surface, but has ~6% of the species – 50 times more than “average” places
  • There are over 1,500 species of butterfly native to Costa Rica 

Become part of the 'Butterfly Effect'

Why Pierella? What is a Pierella?

The Pierella is a butterfly native to Costa Rica – Pierella hevina.
This small creature is behind the theory of the ‘Butterfly Effect’
that states small efforts can result in far reaching outcomes.

Restoring rainforest results in these ‘Butterfly Effects’:
Biodiversity; carbon capture; ecosystem services;
sustainability; and wildlife corridors.